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At Great Yarmouth VA High School we strive to ensure that our pupils achieve their very best academically, but we also realise that our pupils deserve a well-rounded experience in a safe and supportive environment which will prepare them for their lives as responsible citizens when they leave us.

Our curriculum is broad and varied and allows pupils to learn new skills and develop their knowledge across a range of subject areas. Outside of the classroom pupils have access to a programme of extra-curricular activities and other opportunities. Pupils are nurtured and their individual needs are catered for through our pastoral and learning support teams.

We work in collaboration with our parents, carers and the wider community as we understand the impact this partnership has on pupils' success. We embrace diversity and develop life skills in our pupils so that they are effective learners but also tenacious and able to overcome adversity.

My vision is that Great Yarmouth VA High School becomes a centre of excellence, so that pupils are challenged, engaged and enthusiastic about their learning. I am committed to school improvement at Great Yarmouth to ensure that we aim for the very best in all that we do. If you would like to arrange a tour of our school to see it in action, please contact us and I will be pleased and proud to show you what Great Yarmouth has to offer.

Miss Louise Jackson


Tutor Evening Thursday 3rd November

A reminder that we are hosting a tutor evening on Thursday 3rd November from 4pm to 7pm here at school. This is the ideal opportunity to discuss your child's report with tutors and to ask any questions you may have.

The time slots are below:




If you have not returned your form, please write down your preferred time slot in your child's planner so they may inform their tutor

All visitors should enter through the main entrance (Salisbury Road) and you will be guided to the location of your child's tutor (below).



Yr 7


Yr 8


Yr 9


Yr 10

Helsdon Hall

Yr 11

Helsdon Hall